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An Introduction to Men in My Town

Posted in Men in My Town by Keith Smith on March 4, 2009

I recently finished writing Men In My Town, a novel based on the true life story of the abduction, beating and rape of a 14 year old boy and the unsolved murder of his rapist.  The story is set in the boy’s suburban hometown of Lincoln, Rhode Island where he was raped in 1974 and the gritty city of Providence where his rapist was brutally beaten to death in 1975.       

It’s a true story of someone getting away with murder.

This fact based crime novel focuses on the boy’s relationship with several men in his hometown, men who are important to the boy, men who look out for him, men that protect him, good men who occasionally do bad things. 

There’s Uncle Mike, a powerful and well-connected bookie, tied to the boy through a family relationship spanning three generations. 

There’s Kevin, a fulltime tow truck driver and part time car thief who handles “special situations” for Uncle Mike. 

We meet Bobby, a perpetually unemployed gambler who loves to bet the ponies at Lincoln Downs, living high when he wins and living scared when he loses. 

We’re introduced to Dennis, a tailor and volunteer fireman, who is as comfortable with a handgun strapped to his inner left ankle as he is with a fireman’s Scott Air Pack strapped to his back. 

We learn the rapist is a serial pedophile, owns an adult bookstore, was recently convicted on federal charges of distributing obscene materials, did time in prison and never wants to go back. 

We learn the recidivist child molester is being watched by the Feds, by his business partners and by men from Lincoln, including one who spoke 15 words that sparked 30 years of silence.

Why did I write Men In My Town? Because no other author could deliver more insight, passion and understanding of this boy’s experience and his relationship with the men who are his protectors. I can say this because Men In My Town is my personal story, a story told from my heart, about the emotion, fear, guilt and horror I experienced, and the silence I’ve maintained since I was abducted, beaten and raped on that dark, cold winter night in 1974. 


Keith Smith, author of Men in My Town, is a Stranger Abduction Sexual Assault Survivor and a Keynote Speaker on issues of child safety. He’s available as a speaker for conferences, seminars and fundraising events benefiting non-profit organizations, government agencies, companies and professional associations dedicated to helping children who have been sexually abused. 

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  1. xene said, on April 3, 2009 at 8:38 am

    From a mother….thank-you for protecting my sons…..many many many thank-you, in my language Chi-Miigwitch!

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