Men in My Town awards 5 Star Rating to Men in My Town, stating, “Incredible. Put this on your reading list!”

Posted in Men in My Town by Keith Smith on May 24, 2009

May 24, 2009: awards Men in My Town their 5 Star Rating, stating, “Incredible. Put this on your reading list !”

Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for

In Lincoln, Rhode Island, 1974, fourteen-year-old Keith Smith was raped and beaten. He broke out the rear window of the vehicle and memorized the license plate. While he did not know the man that victimized him, he could identify him. Smith was constantly looking back, terrified that Ron Kohl was coming after him. The men in town kept their families safe by learning everything there was to know about Ron Kohl.
Kohl does not deserve to be called a human. He is a monster. On more than one occasion, he served prison time for sexually assaulting young boys. He owned an adult bookstore.

The plot of Men In My Town is built on actual events. The Feds were following him everywhere he went. Then, his business partners were doing the same. Eventually, a plan was set in place, a plan that involved a brutal beating and death for Kohl. The author lived through the nightmare of rape and beatings. He lived in fear. The scars are still there. The murder of Kohl has never been solved.

I cannot begin to imagine the fear Smith has lived with for years. His writing style is superb. He clearly states the events. He allows the tension to slowly build to the climactic death of Kohl. issues Men in My Town 5 Stars: Incredible. Put this on your reading list!

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