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Remembering Denise Boudrot, Longshot Lady 1952 -2010

Posted in Men in My Town by Keith Smith on June 8, 2010

Lincoln Downs, the thoroughbred race track of my childhood hometown, is the setting for Chapter 12 of Men in My Town. In writing Lincoln Downs into the storyline, I could have written about a number of people or events but I chose to write about Denise Boudrot. The decision was intentional, precise, calculated. I wanted to introduce readers to Denise, a woman I often read about on the Sports Page of the Pawtucket Times when I was a 14 year-old boy growing up in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

Denise was a pioneer, a woman who staked her spot, who made her mark, who claimed her place in history by being a great jockey in the male dominated world of thoroughbred racing in the 1970’s. Denise wasn’t a great woman jockey… she was a great jockey.

Denise passed away May 19, 2010 at 57 from brain cancer. Her remarkable story, a tribute to her life, appeared in today’s Wall Street Journal.

Please take a moment to read the Journal article, Longshot Lady’ Jockeyed Her Way to Win in a Male Sport by Stephen Miller.

The story of Denise Boudrot…the only woman mentioned in Men in My Town.

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